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Construction & Insulation

Expanded polystyrene is a highly effective insulator in buildings constructed from all types of material.

Flat panels are used in the insulation of concrete floors and stud walls, floors and ceilings to maximise heat retention and sound proofing.

Expanded polystyrene is ideal for insulating pipe work. It minimises the risk of freezing and protects delicate underfloor heating installations.

Our construction and insulation services include:

  • EPS for building, construction and insulation
  • EPS for underfloor heating
  • Sheet and block cut and shaped to any size for which we boast some of the largest cutting equipment in the UK allowing us to cut up to 5.5m x 1.2m and a profile of 7.8m x 1.3m
  • EPS for void formers, pipe section, bolt boxes, column formers, lintel fill and profiles