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Phoenix Specialist Products provide moulds and formers for many different industries. These include woodworking, the moulds can be used to bend plywood presses for the making of bespoke kitchens. This is instead of using laminated MDF so it is quicker and cheaper.

The glassfiber industry uses polystyrene in many forms, and although the resin can react to the EPS there are a number of products available that seal and protect the polystyrene making it an ideal process for design and development.
Concrete also uses polystyrene to make formers for special designs. We supply theme parks with the basic shapes which are the coated with concrete for the desired effect. It is also used to lighten beams, and to pack and protect in transport.

Moulds and formers are made on the CAD machines and can hold very tight tolerances +/- .5mm in some cases. There are different grades of material which can range from light weight 8kg/m3 up to the high density 32kg/m3.

We work to short lead times and can deliver nationwide. Here is Phoenix’s latest project to restore the body on a classic race car, using polystyrene to re-create the shape. The plan is then to use glassfiber to make the final body.